Maintenance cleaning services

Maintenance Services

A well-kept office can create the right impression, enhance staff member performance, and reduce your functional expenses. As a tested leader in building maintenance, VeraCastell has perfected our maintenance services to much better fit our clients.


We provide office maintenance services to a large range of workplace and industrial clients, including high rise office buildings, office parks, public utilities and recreational facilities. For commercial companies mindful of image and quality, VeraCastell sets the standard in the office maintenance industry.


Building maintenance is an important aspect of successful South Florida companies

Office And Building Maintenance Is Crucial For Any Business Business

If a building facility is overrun with mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses, the outcome may be quite pricey. Employers lose productivity as employee are unable to perform duties due to these issues…

Clients will stop making use of the building’s services in a flash.

South Florida code is stringent when it concerns making sure a structure preserves to code.

A company that fails to abide by legal standards set in place can be charged with violations and maybe even shut down. Don’t let this happen to you. The best way to guarantee the success and longevity of your business, is to pick an expert commercial cleaning and maintenance company like VeraCastell.

There is a growing trend to use of green products when cleaning instead of harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. These cleaning products are made using ingredients that are EPA authorized. Many offices require general cleaning and do not require using powerful, harmful chemicals. General workplace cleaning consists of work such as emptying trash, cleaning, vacuuming, and making sure rooms are free from particles. Floors are commonly vacuumed, washed, and waxed and glass fixtures are polished. Windows are cleaned according to their design, location, and style and washrooms are completely cleaned, sanitized, and ventilated. Restocking items is another function the Vera Castell provides. Some of our services may include grounds management and facility cleaning, and participating with recycling programs. Among the most popular trends in commercial maintenance is lowering the carbon footprint with the use of green products.

Reasons You Want VeraCastell As Your Choice

Business owners need to clearly specify what their expectations are and make sure the business is in agreement. A professional cleaning business will concentrate on a range of topics and make use of a range of cutting edge methods to supply the very best cleaning experience for their customers. Each industrial job will differ in needs, techniques, and the ways in which the project is dealt with, but in all, professionalism is to be expected. A comprehensive building maintenance service will always concentrate on different kinds of methods that are innovative. The proper understanding of the best ways to clean everything from ceramic tile to unique woods and stone is of dire importance.

Cleaning and removing stains from carpets is another vital element to high quality industrial cleaning. Knowing how to properly vacuum and shampoo carpets, is important to eliminating various stains. Carpets are notorious for being breeding grounds in which bacteria and viruses hide. Appropriate carpet care will certainly guarantee that these elements are removed, therefore giving you a safe and healthy environment. VeraCastell makes sure our maintenance services remove those health hazards.

Bathrooms are also nefarious breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

An expert cleaning company like VeraCastell will stop the spread of the dirty areas that are frequently found in restrooms. We use products that not only clean but decontaminate and sterilize as well.

Guaranteeing that bathrooms are ready for use by employees and consumers will have a strong impact on how people see your business. There are numerous green cleaning products that sterilize and get rid of  bacteria, viruses, and germs. These include surfaces like bathroom fixtures, countertops, toilets, and sinks. All without a threat to human health or the environment.


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